Low carbohydrate ketogenic therapy as a metabolic treatment for binge eating and ultraprocessed food addiction*

This paper explores proposed mechanisms of why a diet low in refined carbohydrates, processed sugar and higher fat content may be helpful in alleviating symptoms.


Effect of A Very Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet on Food and Alcohol Cravings, Physical and Sexual Activity, Sleep Disturbances, and Quality of Life in Obese Patients

To better understand how diet influences brain aging, this paper focuses on the presymptomatic period during which prevention may be most effective. Findings show brain network destabilization may reflect early signs of hypometabolism, associated with dementia. Dietary interventions resulting in ketone utilization increase available energy and thus may show potential in protecting the aging brain.


A Ketogenic Diet Diminishes Behavioral Responses to Cocaine in Young Adult Male and Female Rats

This review examines the potential therapeutic benefits of ketogenic diet on neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders in humans and animal models.